Paperback PrincessHi, I’m Kaitlyn. I’m a late-20something freelance copywriter, bookstore employee, occasional journalist and second-time university student with designs on becoming a teacher before my 30th birthday.

On January 1, 2013, I resolved to keep track of every single book I read all year as I kick-started a career change and relocated back to Calgary after seven years of living overseas and working in online media (in London and Manchester in the UK, then Melbourne and Sydney in Australia). There wasn’t a specific goal in mind – I just love to read and I was in desperate need of a ‘project’ for the new year.

I originally started keeping track of my reading progress using a spreadsheet (yes, really!). But as the weeks and months went by, it started to seem silly not to share my love of reading with my friends and family. As a result, Paperback-Princess.com was born!

I hope you enjoy keeping up with my adventures in reading as much as I do. If you have any questions, feedback or book recommendations, please give me a shout on Twitter.

Happy reading!


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