The Disaster Artist

Image Oh my goodness. Where to start with this one?

I’ve been crazy excited to read The Disaster Artist since I first got wind that the guy who played ‘Mark’ in The Room was writing a book about his experience making the film. The Room has to be one of the best bad films in existence, and it – along with Troll 2 – is one of my very favourites. I watched it for the first time about four or five years ago and fondly revisit it about once every six months. I notice something new every time, and quoting it never gets old. It’s quite fun, for example, to greet everyone that comes into a room with “Oh hi, [insert name of friend].”

I polished off Greg Sestero’s book in a couple of evenings. It’s a pretty compelling story (though maybe not if you haven’t seen The Room first – trust me, it’s worth the $10 on Amazon to do this before you dive right into this book) and Sestero and Tom Bissell do a nice job of weaving in the day-to-day insanity of the making of The Room with flashbacks to tell the story of the unlikely friendship between Sestero and the enigmatic Tommy Wiseau.

Sestero throws a lot of fascinating insight into what makes Wiseau tick (the answer? Nobody seems to know!) – and although sometimes I couldn’t help but wonder whether Wiseau thought of this book as a sort of betrayal by his former friend (and roommate. Seriously, these guys lived together!), mostly I just enjoyed the crazy story. I highly recommend this one for bad movie buffs, or for anyone who is having a bad day and needs to be cheered up. But fair warning: it’ll make you want to watch The Room again.

I leave you with The Room’s unforgettable flower shop scene. Hi doggy!

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