Everything is Perfect When You’re A Liar

Everything Is Perfect When You're A Liar (Photo: HarperCollins)Kelly Oxford’s book Everything is Perfect When You’re A Liar was featured prominently in a bunch of Canadian magazines I subscribe to last month, so I put in a request for it on the wait list at the Okotoks Public Library. I managed to get it pretty quickly, which is the benefit of having library membership in a town rather than a large city. Thanks Okotoks!

I actually wasn’t aware of Kelly before all the reviews of this one came out, but I guess she’s quite a big (and funny!) deal on Twitter, and she’s from right here in Alberta. There’s a great profile on Kelly in Chatelaine and another in Elle, and once I started reading about her, I thought this was something I could get into.

This book was the perfect escape from my horrendous biology course (yes, that’s still going on, I write my final exam on June 20). It’s a collection of essays about Oxford’s life – growing up in Edmonton, meeting her husband and being a mom to her kids. She’s funny and sharp and irreverent, with a massive unrequited crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. Really, she’s the Everywoman, except that she’s smarter, funnier and better looking than all of us.

Everything is Perfect When You’re A Liar is not a G-rated book, but it’s really, really refreshing – and exactly what I needed in my life right now.

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