Insurgent (Photo: HarperCollins)What’s the best way to celebrate turning 28? By tracking down some teen fiction, of course.

When my book club read Divergent, I was really surprised and impressed by it – and now that finals are mostly over (one science course to go!), I headed over to my neighbour Elizabeth’s house to see if she had a copy of its sequel, Insurgent.

The book picks up in the chaotic aftermath of Divergent and it’s very pacey. There’s lots of new discoveries to make about how the five factions operate – well, six if you count all the exposure to the factionless, which don’t really have much to do with the first book. We also get to meet a few new characters, most notably Four’s mother Evelyn, who’s a bit of a question mark. Significant time is spent in Amity and Candor, which is sort of a nice change after so much Abnegation and Dauntless in the first book.

Insurgent suffers from typical middle-child-in-a-trilogy syndrome (like Catching Fire in the Hunger Games and The Girl Who Played With Fire in the Millennium Trilogy) in that not a lot actually happens and instead of concluding, the book just sort of stops. Because tensions are reaching a slow boil, I kind of half-expected it to keep going, and it just … ends. That’s annoying, because the third and final book of the series, Allegiant, doesn’t come out until October! It’s not as agonizing as waiting for new Harry Potters, but still. These three would have made for nice binge-reading material over a weekend.

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