Sew Up A Home Makeover

Sew Up A Home Makeover (Photo: Storey Publishing)I bought Sew Up a Home Makeover in a fit of optimistic craftiness a couple of weeks ago. When you move back in with your parents at age 27 and you are saving for the dual expenses of going back to university and moving into your own place, this is the kind of thing you do.

Well, maybe it’s not the kind of thing you do, but it’s the kind of thing I do. I troll through thrift stores, I bookmark furniture I like on the Ikea website, I use Pinterest like a madwoman and I check the listings on every single day, even though I won’t be in any position to move until the summer. I’m excited for a fresh start, and this was a purchase that stemmed from that.

I don’t know if I’ll genuinely make any of this stuff, but there are a lot of things I like about this book (like the fabric-covered headboard. That’s really cute – and if I still had the hand-me-down bed I inherited from my roommate’s grandma during my first degree when I lived in Toronto, that would be project number one). I especially like that the sewing projects are pretty easy for novices. I’ve had my own sewing machine since high school, but I’d place myself firmly in the ‘beginner’ category (and perhaps also the ‘impatient’ category). Many of these projects are pattern-free, customizable and easy-looking enough that if I worked up enough motivation, I’d probably end up with some pretty cute things.

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