Safe Haven

Safe Haven (Photo: Hachette Book Group)I know. Nicholas Sparks. I know, I know, I know.

I went through a minor Nicholas Sparks phase in high school when the movie version of A Walk To Remember came out – and then again briefly during my first degree when The Notebook was in the theatres. I actually watched The Notebook before I read it. I watched it on a plane while travelling home from Toronto to Calgary alone (I think it must have been Thanksgiving, in the days where Air Canada still showed movies on planes) and before I could stop myself, I was bawling all over the place. A nice elderly lady shared a bag of Scotch mints with me and I’m sure she thought that I was crazy. That was the extent of my Nicholas Sparks phase.

My childhood friend Stephanie has been in town for a few weeks while she waits for some paperwork to go through so she can return to the Cayman Islands (I have the neatest friends. I love them). Having been through the misery of waiting on international visas before (three times!), one of the best things you can do is distract yourself, so we’ve been going to a lot of movies. And because Safe Haven is out and I have quite a lot of love for Julianne Hough of Dancing With The Stars fame (I also liked Rock of Ages and the Footloose remake far more than is socially acceptable), we decided to go.I thought it was only fair to read it before we went to the movie.

Surprisingly (or really, unsurprisingly), it wasn’t that bad. Nicholas Sparks is Nicholas Sparks, of course, but both the man and woman managed to stay alive, there are a couple of cute kids and an interesting twist with a ghost that actually reads much better in the book than it plays out in the movie. It was a quick and predictable read, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. It’s the perfect sort of thing to read in the bathtub, and I finished it within a couple of hours.

Plus, while I wouldn’t say I read this book ironically, this is really, really funny.

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