Jamie’s America

Jamie's America (Photo: Penguin UK)A friend and I had a discussion the other day about whether cookbooks should count on my reading list for 2013. What I ended up deciding was this: If I use a cookbook just to flip around through different recipes and make random things, then no, it shouldn’t count. But if I read it cover to cover, then yes! It definitely should.

I actually had a little flip through Jamie’s America last October when I spent a few weeks staying with my lovely friends Amy and Gabe. Amy, like me, loves Jamie, and she uses this book all the time. During my stay with them, Amy made a couple of things out of this book that were absolutely delicious, including what I think were the Chili Con Jamie and the Fiery Dan Dan Noodles.

Inspired by Amy, and armed with an Indigo gift card, I ordered this one online during the Chapters/Indigo Boxing Day sale, along with Cook With Jamie. I’m so glad I did. It’s not just a great cookbook, it’s also a really cool story of Jamie’s travels across the US. I watched Jamie’s American Road Trip – the TV show that ties in with this book – back in 2009 when I lived in the UK, and spent many happy minutes (which probably added up to many happy hours) in the kitchen at work talking with my colleagues about it.

It’s no Ministry of Food (which is sold here in Canada as Jamie’s Food Revolution), but it could be my close second favourite in my Jamie Oliver collection – and it’s worth it for the vivid writing and beautiful photos alone.

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